Resume Preferred Collaborative Process


Whether you’d like to take a step up or make a lateral move, I will help you uncover your differentiators, communicate your unique story, and position youself for career advancement.

My 3-part process is straightforward and painless, and enables you to focus on your job search—instead of wrestling with specialized resume writing, wondering how to best highlight your strengths and accomplishments, organize your career story for maximum impact or handle long company tenure, career breaks and short-stint jobs.


We’ll schedule an in-depth, 90-minute discovery call—I do not use questionnaires—to discuss who you are, where you see yourself next, and how you’re different from competing, qualified candidates.

We’ll focus on three main areas during our conversation:

  • Differentiators: Your unique strengths and selling points
  • Experience: Your scope of roles and responsibilities
  • Success Stories: Your greatest accomplishments and professional impact


Then, I will put Resume Preferred’s resume writing expertise to work for you—transforming your career history into a compelling and effective professional resume.

Within 10-15 business days from our discovery call, you will have the draft of your new resume.


To finalize content, we’ll have a call to discuss your feedback and work through edits together. Your investment includes two rounds of revisions within 30 days of receiving the document drafts.

Within as few as 15 business days from our discovery call you will have your new career documents, which may include your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and bio.

Call me at 415-596-4160 or email me at to schedule a 20-minute introductory call. This is a complimentary consultation where we will discuss your current career situation, targeted next steps, and determine your level of investment.

If you’re an executive seeking to capture and convey your value in the marketplace—and achieve the next level of career success—contact Amy Phillip, Leadership Career Consultant and Principal of Resume Preferred’s parent company, Career Certain.