Your resume should not include your age

Resume Content: Highlight Your Experience, Not Your Age

If you’re concerned about your age when job searching, there are a few resume content strategies you can employ to reflect your many years of experience – and deflect your age.

Unfortunately, age discrimination is real and it’s pervasive. Whether hiring managers believe older candidates aren’t as agile or as easy to bring up to speed as younger job seekers, or that an experienced applicant may be overqualified and depart for a better opportunity, your objective is to overcome these hidden obstacles. It’s crucial to develop your resume content so that it highlights your relevant and recent career history and accomplishments – not your age.

Here are four tips to consider when developing your resume content plan:

1-You do not need to include the date you graduated from college, especially if you’re over forty. Including the name of the institution and degree obtained is sufficient.

2-Bucket your earlier career experience in a summary format, listing the companies you worked for and the roles you held. A title as simple as ‘Early Career Experience’ will do the trick. There’s no need to present and elaborate on every job you’ve held during your lengthy career.

3-Ensure you’re not including an ‘Objective’ statement on your resume, or a mention of ‘References Available Upon Request.’ (Both are long gone and a thing of the past.)

4-You would be amazed at what an email address alone can tell someone. Would you care to take a wild guess at the age of ‘’  Update your email handle and consider upgrading to a less-outdated email domain, too.

If you have the experience and skills to help solve a company’s specific problems, focus on showing the hiring manager your expertise in overcoming similar challenges for another employer. Age will matter much less than your demonstrated ability to make an impact and effect change. Write your resume so that you cannot be overlooked – regardless of age or any other factor. The goal is to ensure that your career accomplishments and unmistakable value will speak the loudest.

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