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Most of my clients had been using the same approach to resume writing since graduating from college: cut some bulleted copy, add some bulleted copy, and focus on responsibilities that read like a job description. It’s very easy to get stuck—on what to include, exclude, and even how to get started. Not to mention the complexity of addressing career breaks, industry changes, and those short-stint jobs we’ve all had.

But resume writing is specialized writing—not unlike technical writing or medical writing—so it’s no wonder you can feel utterly blocked when trying to update your resume. Even if you’re an excellent writer, you probably wouldn’t want to write an article for a medical journal—there’s just too much of a learning curve for it to be a good use of your time. Resume writing is exactly the same: it takes a specialized resume writer to know how to communicate the value of a job candidate, optimize a resume for keyword scanning technology, and—ultimately—gain the attention of hiring managers by positioning a candidate as the clear choice.

That’s where I come in. Since 2010, I’ve been helping people take a full inventory of their skills, experience, and accomplishments. We work together to identify relevant expertise, key strengths, and success stories, so that differentiation in a crowded marketplace and articulation of value to potential employers is what resonates from the resume.

But that’s not all it takes. You can have the most compelling resume in the world, but if you can’t walk the walk, it’s not going to get you the job you want.

My collaborative process will help build your confidence, shed any lingering awkwardness, and elevate your career narrative to a level that effectively positions you for a targeted job change, whether a lateral move or a step up—in position and salary.

Throughout our engagement, I will serve as a completely accessible, knowledgeable, and responsive partner. My objective is to hone your competitive edge by arming you with the best possible resume and career narrative, so you can find the job—and salary—your experience has earned you.

Your career is too important to leave to fate and you shouldn’t hesitate to give yourself that extra advantage that so many candidates are now discovering: a professionally written resume. It’s too important—and too competitive out there—not to.

When you’re ready to discuss working together, email me at or call me at 415-596-4160.


“I am very pleased with my resume and cover letter, and the whole experience with you. As you know, I was leery of working with a stranger found on LinkedIn but you have exceeded all hopes and expectations and I sincerely thank you for that.”
Scott | Vice President | Media/Advertising Industry

“I want to thank you so very much for the beautiful resume you created for me. A real estate developer found my resume on Indeed and called me for an interview. My first day on the job was last week. I am really enjoying it and I have you to thank. Working with you was an absolute pleasure.”
Melody | Executive Assistant | Real Estate Industry