The Power of Quantifying Results on Your Resume

An important consideration when writing your resume is how you will differentiate yourself from the hundreds of qualified candidates competing for the job you want. It’s common knowledge that hiring managers spend less than a few seconds scanning a resume. How can you effectively position your experience on your resume to grab the attention of hiring managers from San Francisco to Silicon Valley?

Your resume needs to highlight your skills and areas of expertise while also conveying your experience as it relates to the position you’re seeking. As noted in a recent Business Insider article by Rachel Gillett, it’s advantageous to show your experience on your resume by quantifying contributions and results rather than simply stating what you’ve done.

For example, if your resume contains vague content such as, ‘Led team to achieve strong financial results,’ think about the tangible specifics of your accomplishment and include that information in your resume. Restructuring your resume content to state that you ‘Managed and led a 25-member sales team to achieve the company’s highest revenue record, surpassing $50M in sales,’ is much more impressive and gives the hiring manager a high-level overview of your achievements. Whenever you can include numbers, dollar amounts and percentage increases and decreases in your resume — you should do so. Think about projects you’ve spearheaded, teams of people you’ve led, revenue and profitability contributions, P&L oversight, budgets managed and cost savings to paint a clear picture of your experience and value — and ultimately set you apart.

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