Your Resume

Your Resume: Is It Shouting You Out?

Your resume is the most essential tool in your job search arsenal but selling ourselves in a resume is uniquely challenging.  Most of us are just not wired to shout our accomplishments from the rooftops!

Meanwhile, in today’s intensely competitive talent marketplace, it’s a requirement to effectively market your value or you run the real risk of being overlooked entirely.  You may be the ideal candidate for what looks like your dream job, but if your resume doesn’t sell the hiring manager on what makes you different, you’ll never have the opportunity to get your foot through the interview door.  To demonstrate your potential impact, you need to take credit for what you’ve accomplished during your career.

It’s not natural for people to sell themselves, and many people don’t think of their resume as the place to do so.  But that’s exactly what your resume is—a marketing document.  You may have a successful career history selling a brand, products, or services, but it’s easy to get stuck when it comes to selling your own talents and expertise.  Does your resume clearly convey why you’re qualified for the role you’re seeking by highlighting your stand-apart achievements and your unique value?  A hiring manager reading your resume has absolutely no idea who you are or the results you’ve delivered for a previous employer.  It’s your job to use your resume to sell your skills and experience—and that doesn’t mean simply listing your job duties.  Today’s hiring managers want more. They want to know how you’ll help them achieve the company’s business objectives.

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