Job Search Discipline

The Disciplined Job Search: How to be Accountable to Yourself

The job search process can be daunting – especially if you haven’t been in the market for a few years. Much has changed and to achieve any meaningful goals, you’ll need to outline your strategy, make a tactical plan and—critically—execute elements of that plan. How do you hold yourself accountable and deliver on the commitments you made to find your dream job?

Start by thinking about accountability in your current role. You probably have objectives, actions, and metrics. You check in with people on your team to report on your progress. Knowing that your colleagues are counting on you to deliver on your commitments helps you stay focused, keeps you honest and helps you achieve meaningful results.  You can apply the same team and project management approach to your job search by identifying an accountability partner.

3 Benefits to Having an Accountability Partner

  • Focus – By sharing your job search goals with someone you trust, and the timeline for achieving those goals, you’ll stay on task knowing that you’ll be checking in on a regular basis to report on your progress.
  • Transparency – If you’re not following through on what you said you were going to do, you’ll be sharing details about why and where you fell short. Your accountability partner can help you get back on track and stay committed to your goal of landing a new job.
  • Impact – Allowing yourself to be held accountable and being open to receiving meaningful feedback can help you reach your goals faster than you would on your own. It’s easy to get derailed, and even give up, when there’s no one there to push you to honor your commitments and achieve results.

The most successful people I know tap into their trusted network to keep them on track. Consider partnering with a friend or joining an accountability group to help support you in your job search. So many people are looking for jobs today that you may opt to identify someone with similar goals and provide each other mutual support, encouragement, and accountability.

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