Job Search Focus: Why It’s Essential

Job Search Focus: Why It’s Essential

Job seekers who are embarking on a new job search often tell me that they don’t want to limit themselves to a specific area and want to remain open to different opportunities. Although it may sound counterintuitive, casting a wide net will not yield the job search results you’re looking for.

The more focused you can be in your job search efforts, the better. Why? Recruiters and employers aren’t in the business of figuring out where you would best fit into the mix and how you can add value. They’re looking to you to tell them—through your focused resume and in person during your interview.

For example, if you’ve been on both the sales and operations side of the business and your objective is to land a new management role, it’s in your best interest to pick one lane and highlight all the reasons why you would be the best candidate for one position. The last thing you want is for someone to say, “This person has such great experience, but I don’t know where to put them.” Employers look for candidates to fulfill very specific needs and you want a hiring manager to quickly grasp how you can help the company meet its objectives. If you’re interested in two completely different roles, a second version of your resume may be required to position you as the candidate of choice.

The detail you provide prospective employers related to your experience and career successes should support your positioning claims and the messages you convey should demonstrate depth of expertise and be specific, measurable and action-oriented. The ultimate goal as a job seeker is to make it easy for the person on the other side to clearly understand your value and your ideal next career step. Therefore, identify common career threads; showcase your expertise, differentiators and successes; and tell a compelling story.

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