Contemplating a Job Change? Four Key Points to Consider.

Contemplating a Job Change? Four Key Points to Consider.

We’ve all been there. Whether or not to embark on a job change is an important decision people often grapple with at some point during their career. The time may have come when it is advantageous to seek the diversity in experience you need for the long term and also round out your skill set.
If any of the following ring true, it may be time to consider a job change:

  1. You’re no longer challenged and fulfilled. Your work has become monotonous with no variety in day-to-day functions and you feel something is lacking. If things have shifted from building and creating mode to maintenance mode, this can signify job stagnation and less opportunity for exciting challenges to create something new.
  2. You’ve been working a long time for the same person. People thrive and grow under different leaders who expose them to new learning, out-of-the-box thinking and unique approaches. One of the objectives of a job change is to keep fresh and current and develop your capabilities.
  3. Your career advancement opportunities are limited. There’s no room for upward or lateral mobility and there’s not a lot of turnover within your company. The people above you may be long-tenured and have held their positions for quite a while and aren’t going anywhere, or new roles that align with your skill set and experience simply don’t exist within your organization.
  4. The culture has changed. If you’re not inspired by your company’s leadership and the people you work with, that can take a toll and affect your morale—and performance. An environment where people and ideas are valued and individuals are motivated to make meaningful contributions can make an impact on your current and future success.

In addition to carefully evaluating your present job situation and exploring viable options, the competitive candidate landscape and the overall job market in your field are important consideration points when thinking about a job change.

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