Activating Your LinkedIn Profile For Your Job Search

Activating Your LinkedIn Profile For Your Job Search

Launched 15 years ago, LinkedIn has developed into the de facto source for professional networking. Even those who are skittish about social media—and active networking—should take care to cultivate and manage their LinkedIn profile. Simply put, whether you are seeking a job or happily employed, LinkedIn is absolutely essential for people who work. Here’s why:

LinkedIn is the world’s job candidate database. Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn every day to find, identify, and contact candidates.  With more than 530 million members, its database is so robust that LinkedIn created a subscription service expressly for recruiters and hiring managers to help them with the hiring process. Regardless of whether you are a passive or active job seeker, you want to be found for new opportunities—and LinkedIn is where you need to focus your energy.

LinkedIn lets you control—and broadcast—your message. What could be better than a platform that allows the user to create a career profile and then does all the marketing to drive recruiters and hiring managers to the profile? LinkedIn presents a powerful, no-cost opportunity to people who work for presenting themselves in the best possible light to the worldwide professional community. There are many levels of engagement available to LinkedIn’s members, but a photograph, a career history that syncs with your resume, and a compelling bio are the essential components.

LinkedIn plays a key role in the interview screening process. The Internet is the first place you will be researched, and your social presence has the ability to take you to the next step in the hiring process—or shut it down completely. As your LinkedIn profile is scanned, snap decisions will be made about whether you should be contacted, and a profile with a blurry photo, a career history that stops at 2015, and a one-sentence bio will only hinder your career aspirations.

Love it, hate it, or ambiguous about it, social media is here to stay, and no other platform owns the professional networking space quite like LinkedIn. It’s imperative to finesse your LinkedIn profile with the same level of professionalism you dedicate to crafting a compelling resume.

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