Your Resume Makeover

Make Your Resume Over with Power Verbs

There’s nothing quite like a new haircut or a fresh coat of paint to get you primed for spring. But when was the last time you gave your resume a “makeover?”

When writing or updating your resume, one of your top priorities is to clearly — and quickly — convey that you’re a candidate not to be overlooked. For each role you’ve held, you’ll be developing 3-5 bullet points where you have the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and business impact. Beginning each bullet in your resume with a hard-hitting power verb will help you create the high-level career narrative that will get the attention of hiring managers.

Consider removing overused words and generic phrases and including descriptive, active verbs to demonstrate actions you took and results you achieved.

Here are some examples of how to refresh common phrases on your resume:

Before: Managed team of five responsible for the company’s sales.

After: Motivated 5-member sales team to deliver a 25% increase in revenues for three consecutive quarters.

Before: Handled training program development.

After: Built high-impact training program that drove a 20% increase in customer retention in less than three months.

Did you transform, upgrade, revamp or streamline something? Did you initiate or spearhead a new project? Did you slash costs, empower your team, or influence a decision maker? If so, say so!

Using highly descriptive action verbs can elevate your resume content and succinctly convey your strengths and value to a hiring manager — and leave a lasting impression.

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