Resume Writing Approach for Long-Tenured Employees

Resume Writing Approach for Long-Tenured Employees

If you’ve worked for the same company for a long period of time, and held several roles during your tenure, you may wonder how to effectively organize your work history and accomplishments. When writing your resume, it may be advantageous to forgo the traditional resume format listing job titles and accomplishments in reverse chronological order. Instead, consider the following 2-step resume writing approach to present your experience and successes in a concise and powerful narrative:

1. Highlight your career progression with a snapshot up front. First, list all of your job titles and the dates you held each role. Be sure to include a brief overview of your scope of responsibility, too. Your goal here is to show career progression and convey the fact that you’ve operated in various capacities over the years, earning expanded accountability. When you’ve been employed by the same company for several years, hiring managers want to see your career advancement and range of experience in an easy-to-digest, cohesive format.

2. Organize your accomplishments into themes. ‘when’ you achieved what you did and are more interested in seeing your overall achievements during your time at the organization in order to understand the high-level story. When you scan your multi-year history to convey the impact you had, think about categorizing your contributions into overarching themes once you’ve identified noteworthy accomplishments you want to include in your resume. For example, you may end up creating categories including Operational Efficiencies, Cost Savings, Process Improvements, and Team Leadership to demonstrate what you’ve done – and can potentially do for a new employer.

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