Performance review content can help you develop your new resume

Use Your Performance Review Content to Develop Your New Resume

Most of us probably haven’t reviewed our performance review materials since…our last performance review. But performance review content can provide a wealth of information to help frame and develop your new resume.

Digging in and re-reading your past performance reviews—especially evaluations with a 360-degree colleague perspective—can be a great launching point when writing your new resume. It can feel less daunting when you rely on the words and feedback that others have used to describe you and your contributions. Highlighting the business successes that have been consistently and widely recognized by your managers and peers can make the task of developing your new resume somewhat easier.

Keep these points in mind when reviewing your performance evaluations:

  • How was your performance measured at the end of the year? Pull key metrics that illustrate the impact you had on your department or the business in general.
  • Look for accomplishment ‘themes.’ Are you the person who has originated new concepts, introduced new work methods or processes, or improved cross-functional collaboration? Identify the common threads related to your overall performance.
  • What adjectives do people consistently use to describe you? What are you most known for?

Pulling this crucial information into one concise, impactful career narrative is the key to conveying your unique value proposition. Your annual performance evaluation can help you get started by giving you a big picture recap of your professional successes throughout the year.

Ultimately, It can be difficult to write about yourself—in a marketing kind of way—and distinguish your defining strengths and accomplishments. But, your resume is a marketing document and developing compelling content is crucial to getting the attention of hiring managers.

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